Max Compression Vest With Zipper | Black

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Max Compression Vest

This vest is specifically designed for moderate to extreme cases of gynecomastia. Whilst the zipper design creates a higher level of compression than our other shapewear, a high-quality polyester & spandex blend ensures it remains comfortable for everyday use.

Designed to increase your self-esteem, a strong chest, back and stomach compression ensures smoothing & slimming in extreme cases. Providing immediate relief from man-boobs whilst improving posture through lumbar support, increasing confidence for the wearer.

Designed in the USA, this vest has a deep front and back neckline to maintain discreetness and ensure that the wearer can be confident in their body and outfit. 


Product features:

  • 90% Polyester & 10% Spandex mix maintains a high level of compression whilst remaining light feeling and comfortable.
  • Zipper design provides a moderate-high level of compression suitable for grade 2-4 cases of gynecomastia.
  • Back and torso compression helps to straighten your posture and smooth any unwanted curves.
  • Black design ensures the vest remains unseen under dark coloured clothing.
  • Breathable and moisture wicking.


The goal of our products is to provide a non-surgical solution to the increasingly relevant problem of gynecomastia through affordable and effective compression vests.

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