Men's Compression Vest

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Men's Compression Vest


A discreet, light feeling, comfortable compression vest from our men's shapewear range designed to improve self esteem by providing immediate relief from man boobs. A high-quality nylon / spandex blend utilises chest, back and stomach compression panels to flatten man boobs, slim the stomach and improve the posture of the wearer. 

Our body shapers offer a comfortable and breathable fit with moisture wicking properties ensuring they can be worn all-day.

Deep front and back necklines ensure our shapewear remains hidden under t-shirts and shirts, allowing wearers to feel confident in their outfit and body. 


Product Features

  • Provides enough compression to flatten any chest.
  • Comfortable fit allows all day use.
  • Back and torso compression straightens your posture and smooths any unwanted curves.
  • Remains hidden under t-shirts and shirts.
  • Breathable and moisture wicking.



Step into the garment, hold both straps of the shirt and pull up to apply an even compression across your torso.


Cold water machine wash and avoid high heat tumble drying to keep the compression firm.

Size Guide:

Chest (in) 32-35 36-39 40-43 44-47 48-51
Chest (cm) 71-79 81-89 91-99 102-109 122-130


Customer Reviews

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Great product

Effective and affordable vests would definitely recommend


I feel so much more confident now (review probably isn’t verified because I used my phone number as a contact). Makes such a difference in my appearance and I cannot wait to go back to work with it on because this is my biggest insecurity. Can’t believe it’s been solved with a vest. Thank you for making these so affordable :)

Ps, I ordered my normal shirt size (L) and it fits just right. It’s a bit hard to get on but I’m sure it’ll get easier over time (?)

Vest quality is beyond words

Out of all the compression vests I have tried, this really standsout👌hides my man boobs perfectly and vest quality is beyond words

Kristupas Daubaras
Great binder alternative for trans men

TLDR; good option for trans men who have a small chest and experience breathing issues due to anxiety.

I spent a long time looking for an alternative to binders since I have an anxiety disorder and wearing tight compression shirts or binders resulted in me having anxiety attacks and difficulty breathing regularly.

This compression shirt might not be ideal for other trans men, depending on needs and bodytype so I will share details of personal experience.
I have been wearing this as an undershirt for two weeks now almost daily for a full day. I worked in it for the first week as a barista, so I had to move around quite alot and I didn’t have any breathing issues. And the second week I traveled and I didn’t experience compression/binding related discomfort. It would be nicer not to have to wear a binder or compression shirt ofcourse, but this is by far the best option I have tried. I have tried: spectrum outfiters half lenght binders; gc2b full lenght binder; underarmour heatgear compression shirt. Gc2b is best for a flat look, followed by underworks.
Overall this GS compression vest gives me the most confidence, because of how it compresses my whole torso and not just the chest specifically. It creates a more overall balanced bodyshape
I would not wear just the compression vest infront of others, because it does not flatten my chest fully and I still need to layer a tshirt and a shirt usually. With a gc2b I would be confident enough to wear just a tshirt, but I couldn’t wear it for long, and the tightness of it makes me think about my torso more than I would like to throughout the day.

Again. This is from a perspective of a small chested trans man. I imagine for cis guys it will be a completely different experience.

I got a black size M tank top and these are my measurements:
- [ ] Waist: 86cm 34in
- [ ] Chest: 91cm 36in
I usually go for size xs-s T shirts

Fantastic Product & Superb Customer Service

My son has gynaecomastia and this vest has changed his life. It is the best one we’ve tried. It completely flattens his chest and he now feels comfortable just wearing a t-shirt instead of wearing thick sweatshirts to conceal his breasts. This is such a help until we can get his operation. Liam was so helpful when I ordered the wrong size and very professional and understanding. Thank you Liam.