How To Hide Man Boobs | Our Guide to Men's Shapewear

How To Hide Man Boobs | Our Guide to Men's Shapewear

If you’re a man who worries about their man boobs being visible when in public, you’re not alone. Thousands of men deal with the self-confidence issues that come with excessive chest fat every day.

The good news is that the situation is often simple to address, both in the short and long-term. With just a little reading and patience, it’s possible to improve your self-confidence dramatically. You deserve to feel proud of the way you look!

This post is dedicated to educating readers on how best to conceal gynecomastia when out and about. We’ll explore the benefits of men’s shapewear and how best to address your man boobs.

What Causes Man Boobs?

The most common cause of male breasts is obesity. Excessive caloric intake and a sedentary lifestyle can quickly pack on the pounds. The important thing to keep in mind if this is the cause of your man boobs is that there are tonnes of options out there waiting for you. You stand an excellent chance of improving your situation.

With gradual, healthy improvements to the food they eat and the amount they exercise, most people can lose the weight they need to. Don’t be hard on yourself, though, weight gain can happen to the best of us.

What Is Gynecomastia?

If you’re a reasonably healthy man who still has man boobs, the cause may be hormonal. An imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone can lead to swelling and growth in the chest. This condition is known as gynecomastia

While gynecomastia can be distressing, there are ways it can be dealt with, either through learning to deal with and accepting the condition, surgical intervention, or using methods to conceal your man boobs with the clothing you wear.

How to Hide Man Boobs

No one deserves to feel ashamed of the way they look. That said, if the appearance of your breasts bothers you, trying out some of the simple tips below can work wonders for your confidence.

Tweaking your posture and outfits can really make a difference!

T-Shirts With Pockets

If you like wearing lighter t-shirts, look for one with a pocket on one or both sides. This design style helps to hide your gynecomastia on the pocket-side, whilst flattering the other side of your chest by stopping the t-shirt from clinging to you. 


Nothing completes an outfit better than a well-fitted jacket. Another bonus is that they do a great job of obscuring the appearance of man boobs. Just make sure you don’t choose jackets that are too tight — this can accentuate the fat around your chest.

Baggy Fit?

While it can be tempting to opt for a baggier fit, this isn’t always the best idea. Loose-fitting shirts can actually make you appear larger than you are. Depending on your individual style, looser items aren’t always a no-go but approach with caution.

Concealing Patterns and Colours for Man Boobs

When considering the colours and patterns of the clothes you wear, keep the following in mind.


Uniform patterns like plaid can draw focus to the size of the chest and are therefore best avoided. Random patterns can do a great job of concealing your breasts and can be a great choice if you like the way they look. According to experts, tops adorned with non colour contrasting small and subtle patterns work best. For example, small and grey checks on a dark grey background.


If you’re concerned that your man boobs may be visible, black or dark tops in general, are your friend. Try to avoid whites and light-coloured tops, as these can accentuate your gynecomastia and make them look even more pronounced than they actually are. Darker colours absorb less light and can therefore hide the appearance of man boobs.

Graphic Tees

A printed graphic across the chest can create a stiffness in the t-shirt which covers up minor to moderate cases of gynecomastia and will create a focus point towards the design for people's eyes, rather than on your chest.

Men’s Shapewear – The Most Flexible Solution

In the long term, the best way to address man boobs is to seek appropriate medical advice or make changes to your lifestyle. In the short term, however, the best way to hide your man boobs is to use men’s shapewear.

At Gynecomastia Solutions, we stock a broad range of high-quality, effective shapewear that can transform the appearance of your figure when worn under clothing. If you make the decision to buy this kind of garment, it’s worth understanding the main types available.

We outline the basics below. Your two main colour options are likely to be white and black. Either can ‘disappear’ very well underneath your regular outfits depending on the other colours you like to wear.

Compression Vests

Compression vests are the most common form of male shapewear you’re likely to encounter. They fit snugly over the torso and immediately reduce the appearance of man boobs.

Key Advantages of our Vests:

  • Provide enough compression to flatten any chest
  • Are usually very discreet
  • The high-quality breathability you deserve
  • Compression can straighten posture and improve appearance

Compression Vest | Gynecomastia Solutions

One thing to keep in mind is that some people can find compression vests a little too tight at first, especially if using a zippered version. If this sounds like you, a lighter compression shirt might be your best bet.

Vests With Zippers

If you’re looking for maximum compression with extra levels of control, this option might be for you. Zippered vests allow wearers to tailor the fit of their vest and squeeze out every last drop of compression. If you struggle to squeeze into a traditional compression vest, these are a great option. Very effective and often used for those recovering from gynecomastia surgery.

Key Advantages of Our Zipper Vests:

  • Extra control
  • Maximum compression
  • Still quite discreet
  • Breathable fabrics with fantastic comfort levels
  • Posture improving compression

Firm Compression Vest | Gynecomastia Solutions

Compression Shirts

A lighter, comfortable, effective option is compression shirts. This version of men’s shapewear still provides an excellent level of concealment for most people but comes with a slightly more comfortable, roomy fit. Make sure you look for a low neckline on any shirt you consider — otherwise, it will be more difficult to conceal.

Key Advantages of Our Compression Shirts:

  • Super comfortable fit
  • Low neckline for guaranteed discretion
  • Effective chest and torso compression
  • High-quality, breathable fabric

Compression Shirt | Gynecomastia Solutions

Chest Binders

Offering a great mix of comfort, compression and discreetness, our chest binder provides versatility in it's uses. Used by many for post-op compression, f2m chest binding, or just general chest compression to promote a masculine looking chest shape. 

Key Advantages of Our Chest Binders:

  • 3 Clasp design offers varying levels of compression depending on your need.
  • Comfortable blend of firm compression allowing for all-day use.
  • Versatility
  • Cool in warm weather.

Chest Binder | Gynecomastia Solutions

Nipple Tape

What if it’s a hot summer’s day? Won’t a compression vest or shirt be too noticeable? Nipple tape can be a gentle, effective way to conceal your breasts when wearing lighter items of clothing. Be sure to opt for micropore surgical tape — it’s the best way to maintain breathability and comfort.

Key Advantages of Our Nipple Tape:

  • Micropore design that respects skin
  • Effective, discreet concealment
  • Much lighter than a vest or shirt
  • Perfect for summer
Nipple tape | Gynecomastia Solutions

Final Thoughts

There’s a tonne of choice out there when it comes to men’s shapewear. It’s important to make sure you’re investing in items that will come with the performance, durability and comfort you deserve.

Shop the Gynecomastia Solutions range today and find an option that works for you.

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